You already know the many benefits to owning your own business, or you wouldn’t be reading this.


Chances are, you also understand the value of peer advisory groups, the equivalent of think tanks for small business owners with big ideas. The demand for them is growing so rapidly, Entrepreneur magazine  tagged them as one of the hottest new business opportunities, specifically citing our organization, PRO.


It’s no wonder when you consider that there are 23 million small business owners in the U.S., and they’re all looking for guidance.


In addition this is an exciting business. It’s financially and personally rewarding. It complements your other business interests, yet leaves you plenty of time for a life. Oh, and did we mention it’s fun?


This is NOT a Franchise

There a number of peer advisory group franchises out there. This isn’t one of them.

Those franchises include Renaissance Executive Forums, The Alternative Board (TAB) and VistageŽ (formerly known as TEC, The Executive Committee). They all have some things in common. We aren’t like them, because we require:

  • NO Franchise Fee

  • NO Royalties

  • NO Marketing Contribution Fees or Other Ongoing Fees

  • NO Territory Restrictions

  • NO Reporting Requirements

  • NO Limitations on Your Other Business Activities

  • No One Looking Over Your Shoulder

So if we aren’t a franchise, then what are we?  Opportunity Knocking!


Peer Advisory Board Benefiits

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