About Peer Advisory Groups

Remember the old expression, “it’s lonely at the top”? As every small business owner knows, it happens to be true.


Small business owners don’t have a board of directors to consult with. They can’t comfortably confide in their employees. Often, they can’t discuss problems with their families, either. Yet it’s impossible to be objective about one’s own business—and everyone needs a sounding board.


What’s the solution? Peer advisory groups. Remember another old expression, “all of us are smarter than one of us”?  When small business owners share their collective wisdom,  great things can and do happen. 


Peer advisory groups are made up of like-minded small business owners who seek input from their equals. Led by a seasoned facilitator, members function as each other’s inspiration, confidants, and sounding boards. They meet regularly to share ideas, challenges and solutions, plus a heaping helping of camaraderie.


In fact, peer advisory group members are generally more successful than other small business owners because of the advice, feedback, and support they receive from one another. When you create a peer advisory group business, you not only help yourself succeed, but everyone you touch.




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