Opportunity Knocks

Building a peer advisory group business offers entrepreneurs a number of unique opportunities. For example…


  • It allows you to keep ALL of your money. There’s more dough for you.

  • It flattens the learning curve.

  • It allows you to capitalize on your business experience and connections from day one.

  • It keeps you in control of your time; you determine the extent of your commitment. 

  • It eliminates the bad marketing investments you might otherwise make.

  • It complements any other business interests you may have.

  • You can use it as a springboard to additional revenue sources.

  • Six figure income expectations are entirely realistic.

  • It requires minimal capital investment in facilities or equipment.

  • It’s a proven marketing system—no cold calls required.

  • You can manage this business from your home. Group meetings can be held in rented meeting spaces, banquet facilities, board rooms, or even members’ conference rooms.

  • It’s intellectually stimulating; you’re constantly exposed to new business ideas.

  • It’s satisfying to help your members succeed—and watch as strangers become friends, customers and clients.


And when you build your own independent peer advisory group business, there’s even more advantages. When you let us show you the ropes, you can build your business as quickly and confidently as you would through a franchise…but without the restrictions and expenses.


You keep every penny you earn; you answer to no one but yourself.


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Opportunity Knocks with PRO Advisory Boards

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